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The author: Meshalkin V. P.     Published in № 4(64) 26 august 2016 year
Rubric: Computer modeling

Computer-aided analysis and optimization of structural and parametrical reliability of complex gas supply pipeline systems

The scientific and technical basis of the computer-aided analysis, optimization methods and techniques to ensure the structural and parametrical reliability of energy and resource saving Complex Gas Supply Pipeline Systems (CGSPS) are generalized and developed. The methodology for support and optimizing the performance reliability of CGSPS is presented. Оriginal techniques for engineering and technological failure analysis of facilities and complex gas pipelines, forcasting, reliability diagnostics and troubleshooting the causes of CGSPS are developed. New engineering techniques to ensure the reliability and safety of CGSPS systems are proposed. The technique for construction and practical application of the original topological (graph) models of gas supply pipeline systems reliability is briefly stated. On the basis of these models original methods of reliability factors calculating, including a qualitative analysis method of «the reliability of gas supply pipeline system topology» and decomposition methods of reliability multi-criteria optimization for CGSPS, are developed. Special program complexes for calculation and optimization of reliability, security risk management, integrated logistic support of gas pipelines and facilities of CGSPS, environmental monitoring and CGSPS impact assessment on the environment are developed.

Key words

gas supply pipeline systems, computer-aided analysis, structural and parametrical reliability, gas pipelines failures, reliability optimization, energy and resource efficiency, computer-aided modeling.

The author:

Meshalkin V. P.


Dr of Technical Sciences, Professor, International Institute of Logistics, resources and technological innovation MUCTR. DI Mendeleev’s head