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Shorikov A.

Dr of Physics & Mathematics, Professor, Ural Federal University, Ekaterinburg

A program complex for investment designing control optimization

The critical issue in obtaining the effective solution of investment designing management problems is a development of an underlying computer program complex for investment designing management optimization. To solve the task research in the field of company activity economic parameters forecasting and decision making processes is needed as well as supporting economical and mathematical models elaboration.

Expert system for investment designing

The task of building an expert system investment planning which selects the analytical tools of the investment project and determining profitability of the project is considered. The expert system uses a method of evaluation based on the criteria that are implemented in the form of a knowledge base of facts. The knowledge base implements the ability to analyze project data entered and doesn’t require the finished project data to be presented in it.


Building a network of economic-mathematical model for the implementation of the optimization process of investment projecting

The article discusses actual issues in the application of automated control systems to optimize the process of investment projecting at the enterprise. Investment projecting is an important aspect of the activities of an entity in the modern economy. To solve the optimization problem of investment projecting is proposed to use a network of economic-mathematical modeling. The rationale for applying the methods of network management to optimize investment activity. Shows a gradual process of forming a network model that includes the entire sequence of complex operations, investment projecting, such as: collection of baseline data, marketing analysis, financial analysis, sensitivity analysis, building financial models, generation of alternatives, analysis and selection of the optimal project. Given the detailed description and the graphical representation of the selected processes and the resulting network model. Possibilities of application of information technologies for solving problems network modeling and implementation of adaptive control model. Automation can be done using the visual object-oriented programming in high-level languages, Delphi, C++, C#, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Perl, etc.

Development of a computer expert system business planning

The article discusses the problem of optimizing the implementation of the business planning process, corresponding with specific technical and economic conditions and constraints. To solve this problem, we propose to use the intellectual information decision support system that allows to optimize the formation of a specific business plan. Development and creation of such a system is based on network models and methods of economic-mathematical modeling and computer expert systems technology. The results obtained may serve as a basis for the development of appropriate systems of intellectual support management decision making in the implementation of the business planning process.