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Moskaleva Valeriia D.

Postgraduate, Faculty of Economics, Saint Petersburg University
Saint Petersburg, Russia

A method and a model framework for planning R&D changes in manufacturing enterprises

This paper presents a method and a model framework for R&D changes planning in manufacturing enterprises, implementing digital transformation projects. The relevance of development of such method is evident because of growing number of factors, influencing the decision-making process and simultaneously the complexity of such influence estimation increases. Classical changes planning methods in such cases do not ensure required level of estimation objectivity and credibility. The objects of research are industrial enterprises, actively engaged in research, design and engineering. The subject of research are methods and models for R&D process changes planning in context of digital transformation endeavors, being implemented in the companies. The research objective is to develop a R&D process planning method, enabling to account for corporate changes, related to digital transformation processes. The proposed method is based on the analysis of the discrepancies between the actual enterprise architecture and the target one and search for possible solution to rectify these discrepancies. For quantitative estimation of the changes, an integral indicator "stakeholder satisfaction level" is proposed. This indicator is calculated using a set of models (a model framework), those preparation and application sequence is defined by the considered method. The paper describes the concept of the method, the problems, being solved within each stage, tools used and final outcomes. The example of planning R&D changes in manufacturing enterprise illustrates the method in work and provides for better understanding of the concepts, presented in the paper. Read more...