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Orlova N.

PhD in Economics, Associate Professor, Rostov State University of Economics (RSUE)

Comparative analysis sites of searching wholesale suppliers according to the criterion of functional completeness

Methods of analysis by the criterion of functional completeness long been successfully applied in various domains. However, never before this technology is not used for comparison sites of searching for wholesale suppliers. These investigations have produced unique results and make evidencebased conclusions very useful for market participants of wholesale deliveries. The solution to the problem of selecting the best from the variety of Internet sites search wholesale suppliers is a difficult task. In article on the basis of real evidence about the realized functional operations analysis and the choice of optimal business solutions. Compiled a list of the functions available on the market sites search wholesale suppliers. Systematic information on the composition and functional completeness of existing sites search wholesale suppliers and their projects. It is possible to quantify the degree of conformity of a particular system requirements to functional completeness. Ranked sites search wholesale suppliers according to the criterion of functional completeness. Excluded from the scope of software products, which are not implemented the required functions. There are groups of software systems, such as ongoing functions. Provided support to select the desired component sites search wholesale suppliers or its design and development. Studying of experience of effective achievement of the purposes of research at minimum cost will definitely help it professionals to optimize its activity in the sphere of analysis of complex systems.