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Peshkova О.

Assistant Professor, Department of Informatics and Cybernetics, Baikal State University of Economics and Law

Analysis of IT effect model based on a structural approach

The article analyzes the structure of the effect of using automated management systems. The analysis is performed on a structural approach. This article contains two parts. In the first one lists a number of problems that are universal character and faced researchers in the performance evaluation of the effectiveness. For each problem there is a brief description. The following is a brief overview of the most common approaches and methods by which the estimate of effectiveness. Their number and methodological breadth requires additional approaches to select the right tools to measure performance. In the second part of this article provides examples of the structure of the IT effect that can be detected in the works of different researchers. For notes, other researchers of this domain does not accentuate focus the structure of the IT effect. Then describes the author’s vision structure of the IT effect and briefly describes possible approaches to evaluating the effectiveness of the implementation of MIS in accordance with the proposed structure. In conclusion, the authors again emphasize the special role of the structure IT effects, it plays in the effectiveness evaluation.